Flag Day celebrated at Westbrook Acres

Juniors helping with the Flag Day Program was (back row l-r) Stella Betts, Sydney Vavroch, and Jo Lage. Front Row: Kenzie & Bryleigh Bartel and Brayla Davis.

The Gladbrook American Legion Auxiliary and Jr. Auxiliary hosted a Community Flag Day Program at Westbrook Acres on Flag Day, June 14th. Jrs. Brayla Davis, Jo Lage, Stella Betts, and Bryleigh & Kenzie Bartel passed out little American flags and patriotic song sheets to all present. Sue Koster, pianist, played several patriotic hymns before the program began.

Americanism Chairman Lisa Reinhard welcomed everyone to the Flag Day program. The flags were presented by Juniors Jo Lage and Sydney Vavroch followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the “Star-Spangled Banner”.

Lisa’s program is usually about a place she has visited in this instance her travel to Ireland. She noticed that each county has its own flag. She asked the tour guide is there any penalties for the desecration of the flag. He said that doesn’t happen. Can you image a country that cherishes their flag so much that desecration is unheard of. Lisa went on to tell about numerous countries that have passed penalties on their citizens for desecrating their flag.

Countries with no law concerning flag desecration include Canada, Australia, Denmark, and the United States. These countries lean on freedom of speech as the reason that they cannot or will not enact laws to prohibit defiling the flag. The last time an amendment was brought to the floor concerning the desecration of the flag was 2006. It lost be one vote. The amendment in itself does not protect the flag, it gives Congress the POWER to pass legislation that would protect the flag.

Flag desecration remains a controversial issue. The American flag is our most sacred U.S. symbol. For now we need to show our individual respect and value the freedoms for which it stands. Lisa ended with “America the Beautiful”

Gladbrook American Legion Auxiliary Americanism Chairman Lisa Reinhard.

After the playing of “It’s a Grand Ole Flag”, Juniors Bryleigh & Kenzie Bartell and Brayla Davis presented a new American flag to Westbrook’s Administrator Kelly Larsen.

After the retirement of the flags, everyone joined hands and sang “God Bless America”.

Everyone enjoyed bars and homemade ice cream served by the Unit and Juniors.

Juniors presenting a U.S. flag to Administrator Kelly Larsen.