PUPPY CHOW or A Halloween Mash

Halloween will be next week, it seems like October did fly by so quickly. It is a time when children should be able to have fun, but in recent years there have been too many unfortunate incidents. Isn’t that sad? Halloween with all its eerie fun is a day looked forward to by many children. With careful planning it can be a safe and fun night. A Halloween party planned by parents can do that. A party doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Kids just love dressing up and pretending; so having costumes has always been important. Also, a jack-o’-lantern is also a fun tradition of Halloween. A fun thing to do is to give everyone a small pumpkin, marking pens and working in groups of two, decorate a pumpkin. You could give prizes for the most creative, the scariest, etc. Also there are many other Halloween games to play.

Decorating can be and easy for any Halloween or fall party. Amber, gold orange and brown are the colors of fall and I think of black for Halloween. Any discount store has plenty of decorated table cloths, paper plates, cups and napkins. Also other fall decorations can be found almost every where. In fact, I noticed there are many fall and Halloween decorations on sale right now.

When children come to a party a person doesn’t have to worry about, “What will we eat?” As long as it is kept simple there aren’t too many problems. That is true for just about any party. It can be just snaky foods with fresh cider. Or if the kids are older, have an old fashioned wiener roast. I used to serve decorated marshmallows to my kids, or popcorn balls with candy corn mixed in. I used to also put peanuts in the marshmallows, but now with so many peanut allergies I think all nuts should be avoided for kids.

This is a snack all kids seem to like-even the name is fun. Feed to kids of all ages and it’s good and nutritious too. BUT it does have peanut butter in it so know the kids that will eat it.


A Halloween Mash

1 package of Chocolate

chips (12 oz.)

1 cup peanut butter

1 stick margarine

1 box Crispix cereal

3 cups powdered sugar

Melt chips, peanut butter and margarine, Pour over cereal, stirring to coat. Put powdered sugar into a bag or sack or large covered plastic bowl. Add mixture and shake to coat.

“Have a fun and safe Halloween.”