GMG flatlined by Collins-Maxwell, falls to 0-3

GMG sophomore Colin Teske, left, stiff-arms Collins-Maxwell defender Josef Dvorak (25) to the turf during the first half of Thursday’s 8-Man District 4 football game in Garwin. The host Wolverines lost 56-6. PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING

Thursday night football started out poorly for the GMG Wolverines and didn’t get better until the second half, as visitors Collins-Maxwell used a dominant first-half performance to coast to a 56-6 victory and drop the hosts to 0-3 on the season and 0-1 in 8-Man District 4 play for the season.

The Spartans scored three times in the first quarter, including on a punt return from Cooper Wierson late in the first quarter that frustrated GMG head coach Devon Diederichs, specifically the missed tackles.

Diederichs said the team didn’t execute on the fundamentals Thursday night and stressed that the group is learning a new system.

“I thought we didn’t do a good job tackling and we turned the ball over too much,” Diederichs said. “Give Collins-Maxwell credit, they capitalized on that, and we dug ourselves a hole we couldn’t quite get out of.”

The offensive rhythm was disrupted by injury to Brenden Becker giving Colin Teske his first start at the quarterback position. Diederichs praised Teske’s ability at the position and his passing throughout the game despite having three interceptions. His 25-yard toss to wideout Jabari Woodbury scored GMG its only points of the night early in the second quarter. By the time the halftime whistle blew after a Wierson pick-six on the second quarter’s last play, GMG trailed 56-6.

GMG junior Jabari Woodbury (2) drags Collins-Maxwell defender Jace Huntrods into the end zone for the lone touchdown by the Wolverines, a 25-yard toss. PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING

The second half went differently, with neither team scoring and Collins-Maxwell playing its backup quarterback. GMG fought back on defense and had some nice plays, but the game still showed that the Wolverines are a work in progress.

Diederichs said there’s a clear goal for the Wolverines the rest of the season.

“You gotta keep fighting, and we’re gonna keep fighting and scratching and clawing,” Diederichs said. “Our goal is to get better at the end of the season from where we were at the beginning. The scoreboard is one thing, but we know we’re getting better and that’s what matters.”

Up next for GMG is a road game at Clarksville on Sept. 9 at 7 p.m.