Tama County Admin Building open for appointments

Entrance to the Tama County Administration Building in Toledo on May 29, 2020.

Upon a recommendation by the officials in charge of offices in the Tama County Administration Building, the Board of Supervisors voted Monday to allow appointments to be made by the public to enable them to conduct business in person at the respective offices housed in that county building only. The rule change is in effect at 1 p.m. Monday, June 8.

The change only applies to the Administration Building at 104 West State Street in Toledo. It houses the offices of the auditor, treasurer, recorder, assessor and board of supervisors. These officers were all present at the supervisors’ Monday morning meeting and had met earlier to recommend the change as a first step in reopening.

Members of public entering after making an appointment with a respective office will be met at the front entrance by an office representative and accompanied to and from the office. A protective mask will be require and will be furnished if none is being worn.

Auditor Laura Kopsa said the need in particular for the treasurer’s and recorder’s office is present now due to deadlines for various taxes, licenses and document filings.

All Tama County offices except the Courthouse have been closed to the public since mid-March when COVID-19 precautions first went into place here. Work of all the offices has continued but without public access.

The supervisors plan to again review the policy on June 22 with a possible complete reopening on July 1.

Board of supervisor meetings are currently being conducted with public access by telephone – 641-484-3980, 641-484-6593 and 641-484-2740. Regular meetings are scheduled each Monday morning beginning at 9:30 a.m.