A Christian Voting Guide: Three Priorities

Pastor Hedman.

This Fall brings another Presidential election cycle, which I’ve learned means one thing: spiritual warfare. In the lead up and aftermath of a Presidential election, things always get really hard in a hundred different ways in people’s everyday lives that are seemingly disconnected from politics. But where ignorance and lies rule, Satan has authority. Election cycles multiply ignorance and lies in the air, therefore, they multiply the works of the enemy.

Part of the solution to this dynamic is simple: wisdom and truth. If Christians have a biblical perspective on governance, a good political theology, they are better able to face uncertain days without getting caught up in the chaos. With that in mind, here are three biblical priorities for Christians as they think about politics, parties, and voting.

Law & Order – In the Bible, there is a clear and simple job for civil government: punish evil, reward the good. This is the foundation and essence of biblical government: to bear the sword of justice. “They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer (Romans 13:4).” Any party or politician that refuses to enforce the law or is rewarding evil and punishing good is in essential rebellion against God’s design for government and should not get any Christian’s vote.

Life & Children – There is no greater test for the morality of a society than how we treat our children. This begins with protecting the life of the most vulnerable children: those in the womb. The Bible, Science, and Logic are clear: the unborn are human beings. “You knit me together in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).” But it should reverberate from there into every other sphere of society. When the right to life for the most vulnerable is sacrificed at the altar of adult vice and convenience and career, then it creates a culture of death and abuse that makes that sacrifice a 1000 ways every day. Any party or politicians championing the death and abuse of children is essentially evil and should not get any Christian’s vote.

Local & Real – Despite the centrality of Presidents in our imaginations, we actually have very little control over national politics. Like yeast through the dough, God’s vision for real change is less about systems and more about men. A changed heart changes a family, changes a church, changes a town. National political drama, especially online, is often a depressing distraction from what we can actually affect locally. Christians should be voting for and running for sheriff, school board, mayor, state rep, etc. These are our people and God calls us to order our common life toward the common good for the glory of God. Who should you vote for? See above.

I find it very interesting that these points were taken from a sermon I gave on November 5th of 2023, exactly one year before our next election. We have about another five months. You should begin preparing yourself mentally and spiritually now that things are going to get weird. Keep your head on straight, think biblically, consider the spiritual forces at work, and take shelter under the Cross and in the Church. Ultimately, nations rise and fall but the Church marches forward undaunted under the banner of the King of Kings.