Pastor’s Corner: Salem Church of Lincoln May Message

In I Corinthians 1:10ff, we read, “Now I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you be in agreement and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same minds and the same purpose.” Paul continues with the understanding that there were problems within the church in Corinth. He writes encouraging the people to work together.

After hundreds of years the words of the Apostle are still true. Come people tell us that the scriptures were written so long ago that in today’s world they just don’t work. Yet, when we look at the church today we find that there are, as Paul writes, quarrels within the church. Sadly, there are quarrels in the local church, the national church and the church as a whole. We have divided ourselves into denominations, while some churches are considered nondenominational. Doctrine keeps some from coming to the table of the Lord. Some refuse the Sacrament of Baptism because the child comes to receive the sacrament in the home church of the parents. Others are refused because of age or not being affiliated with a particular church. Local churches argue over so many issues. With all of these issues some outside the church wonder why they would want to join where there is so much trouble when they may have to deal with many work issues every day.

Some talk about how much of the Bible they have memorized. That is a good thing. However, if memorizing and living are not connected what good is the memory verse. Today the verse that began this article is more than likely not one people memorize. Maybe it should be. I urge you to think about the words of Corinthians 1:10. As we think about them, pray about them we can strengthen the church and those who are outside of the church may find that the church is a place to find comfort and hear the promises of life no matter the name on the sign outside the door.