Dengler Domain: Do Something

Sean Dengler.

Do something. This mantra has been stuck in my head since I read Gabe Brown’s book, “Dirt to Soil.” It is about the regenerative agriculture movement which gives a unique perspective on agriculture. It should not be taken as gospel, but it provides different viewpoints. While talking about the sustainability of current agricultural practices sounds like fun, the focus is going to be kept on the general “do something” mantra.

At the end of the day, if there is anything one can do in life, it is to do something. Be involved to help the greater good. What kind of involvement? It could be volunteering at a food pantry, a non-profit, or whatever help is needed in the community. Do something for the greater good. For those who have and continue to give back to their community, thank you.

Sometimes, life gets hectic, and it is easy to get lost in the day-to-day struggle. It is important to remember this is the one moment in time everyone who is on the Earth will be sharing this moment together. It might be hard to make an impact on the national scale, yet alone on the global scale, do something by getting involved locally. Throughout time, humans lived in tribes and moved about the world together. Humans take care of each other so that is what humans still need to do.

The hard part is the first step of volunteering or stepping up in the community. From my brief time in this world, those who volunteer, volunteer for multiple organizations. They realize the value of helping the community. While these people are greatly appreciated, it is also important for others to do something.

Life is not easy and not everyone has time to volunteer or give back multiple days, multiple hours per week, but even a little time helps. For example, the other day walking through the park with my lovely pup, I saw a man, not a city employee, who was out on a walk but was also cleaning up the sticks and branches which had fallen off the old growth trees onto the sidewalk. He was not getting paid. He was not looking for recognition. He saw a need, and he was helping fix it.

Do something by looking at the bigger picture and try to make an impact. The world is what one makes of it. While daunting, the smallest action could make a significant impact on those who were not expecting it. By doing good, it helps everyone. Lift up those in the communities surrounding you.

If everyone helps each other and live the American Dream with liberty and justice for all, this is what is best for society. There are enough individuals who are cranks. Do not be a crank. Be the light and help others and do something for the greater good.

Sean Dengler is a writer, comedian, farmer, and host of the Pandaring Talk podcast who grew up on a farm between Traer and Dysart. You can reach him at sean.h.dengler@gmail.com.