Letter to the Editor: Vote Kathy Holtz for Treasurer

Do you believe in electing the most qualified candidate to do the job of safeguarding your tax dollars? If you do, the choice is clear in the November general election. Vote for Kathy Holtz for Tama County Treasurer.

Kathy is an experienced accountant. She studied accounting at the University of Iowa. She’s been actively involved in the community, serving others through her volunteer leadership.

She raised a family and has worked for years. When it comes to electing the next Tama County Treasurer, the choice is clear. Vote for Kathy Holtz. She has the necessary education, work experience and ability to work hard with and lead people. She’s deserving of your vote.

Elect Kathy Holtz to provide proven, ethical, experienced leadership in the Tama County Treasurer’s office to better account for your hard-earned tax dollars.

Make your voice heard and make your vote count. Cast your vote in the November general election for Kathy Holtz for Tama County Treasurer.

Karen Murty