Bestselling Author Writes A New Chapter As The Pastor Of Peace Church

Bestselling and Award-winning author, Tim Ayers, writes a new chapter as the new pastor of Peace Church in Gladbrook, IA. Tim’s first twelve books, Spinechillers Mysteries published by Thomas Nelson Publishing, were bestsellers on the Christian Childrens list. Pastor Tim’s adult novel, Cruel Messenger, was chosen as the 2018 Best Speculative Christian Fiction. He currently has thirty-five books on the market. He is writing this new chapter during a pandemic that seems more like horror fiction than happily-ever-after. “The barrier to corporate worship and personal pastoral contact are real struggles,” stated Pastor Ayers, “but never out of God’s control. Peace Church will face these challenges to ministry and grow stronger in the Lord’s grace.” Like many churches, Peace UCC has turned to the internet to get spiritual food to their flock. Their Facebook page is hosting a steady stream or video and devotional writings by Pastor Ayers. The church board is also in the midst of designing a church website. Ayers says the church will reach the community with new technology and a lot of the old-fashioned phone calls and personal visits. Pastor Tim encouraged “that we should all be back to normal this summer in Gladbrook. When we are then I would love for our town to come together one evening to give praise to God and thanks to all the frontline heroes in our community. People in the medical fields, food services and public service are commonly overlooked. They need our thanks for a job well done.” No date for the night of thanksgiving has been set but it will be well publicized ahead of time.