Message from Our Mayor

Happy Easter everyone! With this kind of weather, it doesn’t hurt to quarantined at home. We wouldn’t do anything outside anyway. Just remember the old saying – the weather on Easter Sunday is what we will get for the next seven Sundays. Too bad we didn’t get the last two Sundays turned around with 80 degrees last week and 30 degrees today. With the Coronavirus lockdown, everyone here in town is following the state mandate and staying home and not getting together in large groups. Thanks to everyone for that – maybe it’s helping and we will get through this sooner rather than later. There were nine new cases announced today in Tama County. As far as I know, there are none confirmed in Gladbrook. Hope it stays that way! I suppose a lot of you here in town heard sirens Saturday morning. It was our local firemen hauling the Easter Bunny around town on every street so everyone both young and old could enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny and still avoid unnecessary contact with others. There were several carloads of little kids on Main Street who really enjoyed it along with the residents at Westbrook Acres. Our five grandkids were in one of the fire trucks which was being driven by their dad. Thanks to the Gladbrook Young Women of Today and the Firemen for doing this! Gladbrook is about 80% done installing the new water meters. It was going well until Governor Reynolds put the quarantine into place. So for the time being, we have stopped the project. We’ll finish up when the quarantine is lifted. Now for the bad news – a week ago Thursday Dick McCreery died of a massive heart attack. Dick will be missed by many. He was the long time sports announcer for the Panthers then the Rebels for as long as I can remember and was known as the Voice of the Rebels. He did both basketball and football games for many years. The last few years he focused on announcing just Rebel football. There was never a kid out for sports that Dick didn’t know and no matter whether that kid was a star or a back up player, Dick knew them and most likely they all had a special nickname that he never forgot. We will all miss hearing that “Here Comes the Rebels” next season. So long old friend!

Keith Sash, Mayor PS – If you are tired of cooking at home, try the carryout at the Gladbrook Bowl, Spanky’s, Hometown Family Foods or Casey’s. All are very good with specials almost everyday.