National Volunteer Week Salutes 4-H Volunteers in Tama County

The photo is was taken the fall of 2019 at the leader annual training. Front Row: Autumn Sash 2nd Row: Tama County CYC Jenny Hulme, Ashley Murty, Rebecca Dostal, Cheryl Bruene 3rd Row: Kathleen Chizek, Sara Silhanek, Daniel Bolen, Nathan Cobb, Patrick Henry, Tina Cibula, Andrea Behren, Clint Murty

The Tama County Extension and Outreach Office along with the Tama County 4-H members would like to take this opportunity to thank all the adult and youth volunteers that work so hard all year to make the 4-H program possible.

It takes almost 7,000 adult volunteers in Iowa to keep the 4-H program going each year, people who take time out of their busy lives to teach youth about the variety of things 4-H has to offer. Some will volunteer to work with youth as community club leaders. They will guide youth at monthly meetings, provide them with a safe meeting location, fun activities and opportunities for growth as positive citizens. Some will work with youth as project leaders, who will guide youth in a less formal setting at project related workshops, clinics and training sessions. Some will volunteer at one time special events, activities, adventures, county fair and state fair.

Tama County thanks these men and women for sharing their time and talents with Tama County 4-H members as leaders of 4-H clubs.

Buckingham Boosters: Rebecca Dostal and Clint Murty

Clutier Cowboys and Cowgirls: Andrea Behrens and Lacey Hennings

Clutier Clover Kids: Tina Cibula and Lindsey Upah

Garwin Roughriders: Ann Jackson

Gladbrook Gals and Guys: Becky Posusta

Gladbrook Clover Kids: Autumn Sash, Cheryl Bruene, Kathleen Chizek

Tama Toledo Clover Kids: Ashley Murty and Shaya Sorensen

Toledo Techs: Patrick Henry and Darla Thiessen

Wolfcreek Whirlwinds: Erin Murty, Scott Murty, and Steve Murty

Young Guns: Sarah and Roy Silhanek, Melissa and Ryan Keller, Rochelle Kelsey, Daniel Bolen, Nathan Cobb

The Tama County 4-H members also want to thank the volunteers who work so hard to host the Tama County Fair each summer. The Tama County Livestock and Fair Association work all year long to prepare for the fair, meeting monthly and putting many hours into the fair. A special thank you to the superintendents for their time spent in weigh-ins, answering questions, providing workshops and all that they do at the fair.

Everyone has something to share, a special talent, a learned skill, a safe location, or a little time. Everyone has a different reason to volunteer, self-satisfaction, sense of belonging, need to give, wanting to share, teaching ability or whatever your reason may be.

More volunteers are needed. If you would like to volunteer as a club leader, project leader, helper or at a onetime event, contact the Tama County Extension Office at 641-484-2703 or jhulme@iastate.edu.