Corn Carnival Kiddies Parade

Thomsen Equipment was represented by Jack, Christina and William Gillespie and Samuel Heldenbrand. Parents are Sarah and John Gillespie and Susan and John Heldenbrand. Grand-parents are LeRoy and Margaret Thomsen
Cooper and Baylee Murty and Luke Halverson were ready to “head down Route Hwy 96 and Get your kicks at Corn Carnival 96!” They are the children of Beth and Blair Murty and Jeff Halverson and Mandi Beegley.
Gladbrook’s Mayor Keith and JoAnne Sash had quite a “following” as he drove in the Kiddie Parade. Grand-children in the wagons included, Easton, Taelyn, Casein, Dayton and Dawson Sash and Great-nephew Jackson Gienger. Parents are Craig and Autumn Sash and Jason and Megan Gienger.
Lightning McQueen, Sally and Mater are on their way with Route 96” was the theme for Graeme and Delanie Lockhart and Claire and Case Bacon. Parents are Ryan and Keisha Lockhart and Sean and Tia Bacon.

Crayon corner Preschool led the 2018 Kiddies Parade.

Corn Carnival Kiddies Parade

Regan, Devin and Dalton Boldt and Kolton Blohm got their kicks at the Kiddies Parade. Parents are Janell and Jason Boldt and Jessie and John Blohm. Grandparents are Jerry and Jan Schultz.
Tate and Rhett Williams “.... took Route 66 to get their kicks at Corn Carnival 96”. Parents are Sean and Heidi Williams.
“Get Your Kicks at Corn Carnival 96” with Kinley Miller, Wilken and Theo Schmitz, Jayden and Jenna Beichley, Drayson and Liam Stephenson and Parker and Benett Schmitz. Parents are Justin and Anna miller, Dave and Jenny Schmitz, Brent and Susan Beichley, Scott and Jackie Stephenson and Scott and Jaime Schmidt.
In the “When I Grow Up” category Ally and Grant Phillips want to be a scientist and a baseball catcher. Their parents are Mike and Cora Phillips and Grandparents are Don and Nancy Lubbert.

Jack and James Merkel came all the way from Redding, MA to tells us “Corn Carnival Kicks – Kid Tested and Mother Approved!” Parents are Troy and Jackie Merkel and Grandma is Lisa Reinhard.