Ray Rannfeldt

Dear Editor,

I received a very nice, signed letter thanking me for my editorials and encouraging me to keep them coming. This is the fourth such letter. So, while some of you think that all my bluster has been just from me, you are wrong. People have stopped me on the street to thank me as well. I think the main difference between what I write and what those that wish I would quit writing is the latter group of people don’t want to hear the truth. They would rather float along in their dream cloud and ignore the reality of our city’s needs and our city’s financial condition. For them it is painful to hear things that do not make them happy. I wish I could climb on this cloud that sits just above an imaginary money tree but I find it impossible to be blind to things in Reinbeck. There is no real cloud full of wishful thinking and there is no money tree. There are just us tax payers that have our feet on the ground.


Ray Rannfeldt