Jared Walter

Dear Editor,

Gov. Kim Reynolds has called for a special election for voters in Iowa Senate District 25 since our Senator Bill Dix has just resigned last Monday. Bill Dix was caught, on video, kissing a political lobbyist, who is not his wife. Not only that, but he had also fired a female staff member, just hours after she had reported sexual harassment, at the capital.

We, the people of Iowa Senate District 25, deserve better. Our district is composed of Grundy, Hardin and portions of Butler and Story Counties. The citizens in our district, need to report for voting in a special election, on Tuesday, April 10.

This election is important. There is a highly-qualified Democratic candidate, Tracy Freese. I know Tracy, personally, and I’m so impressed that I must tell you about her. After a decade of working in finance, Freese launched a global online marketing company in 2014, all from her home in Dike. Freese now employs seven people and has worked with 3000+ clients from 82 different countries.

Tracy comes from humble beginnings. She was raised in Clinton, Iowa by a mother disabled by Multiple Sclerosis. Her father is a union welder, and pipe fitter. With federal Pell grants, Tracy bootstrapped her way to a B.A. in Business, and a Master’s Degree in Communications at the University of Northern Iowa. She went on to build a career in insurance, investments and estate planning. She specializes, in helping Iowa farm families pass on their family farms. She is a firm believer in protecting Iowans from predatory finance.

Tracy is currently serving as Treasurer of the Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Foundations. She believes healthy, thriving families are the key to this state’s future success. Tracy is organized, professional and knows how to build a better state. Tracy will not be cozying up to the state lobbyist.

Please show-up for Tracy, in this special public election, scheduled for April 10. We must remove the power, of the lobbyists. Bill Dix, and his friends, do not serve the interest of Iowans. We deserve a real leader, who will fight for Iowa families. Please visit Tracy’s website, at www.tracyfreese.com to learn more, and join our campaign.

Jared Walter

Conrad, Iowa