Remember to Vote in the June 4 Primaries

Rita Hart.

Tuesday, June 4 is primary day here in Iowa. Have you made your plan to vote?

Primary elections might seem like they’re not all that exciting, especially if there aren’t any contested races in your area, but it is so important that you show up and support your favored candidates because this year we have an opportunity to bring balance and common sense decision making back to the state of Iowa.

Democrats are on track to shake things up this November as we continue to work hard, recruit more volunteers, and raise money to support our candidates.

Democratic state auditor Rob Sand’s approval rating is higher than any other politician in Iowa, while approval ratings of Governor Kim Reynolds, the Republican-controlled state legislature, and Attorney General Brenna Bird are all underwater. That’s because Iowans are seeing how Democrats are working to serve their needs, while Republicans in Des Moines are spending their time playing politics.

More Democrats are running in more House districts than Iowa Republicans, even though House Republicans currently hold a majority. Candidates are stepping up because this Republican-controlled legislature has passed unpopular policies like underfunding Iowa’s AEAs this session. Voters are recognizing that to stop extreme legislation that doesn’t reflect the wants and needs of voters we need to return some balance to the state legislature by electing more Democrats.

The Iowa Democratic Party has raised more money than the Iowa Republican Party since January 2023 – even though Iowa Republicans had massive amounts of money flowing in from Ron Desantis, Nikki Haley, and Donald Trump for their in-person Presidential caucuses.

This momentum is thanks to the grassroots support of Iowans from across our state who believe in fully funding public education, and helping women take back control of their own healthcare decisions.

Last year, we saw just how excited Iowans are for the 2024 elections when Kimberly Sheets stepped up to run for Warren County Auditor against an extremist Republican who was spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Kimberly won her race in a county that voted for Trump twice and is now the only elected Democrat in Warren County.

It’s important to note that Kimberly’s race wasn’t easily won. Volunteers in Warren County stepped up to collect signatures and knock doors, and their enthusiasm caught on quickly. Democrats from across the state joined in to help Kimberly organize her campaign, fundraise, and most importantly – get voters to the ballot box on election day. That grassroots efforts are what democracy is built on.

Your vote on June 4 can send another signal that it’s time for change in Iowa. You can show candidates that their hard work and commitment to making your community a better place is paying off, and that folks are paying attention to what they’re saying. They carry that momentum with them all the way to November.

There are several ways you can vote in Iowa.

If you’ve already requested an absentee ballot, make sure you put it back in the mail well before June 4. New rules require your county auditor’s office to receive your ballot by the end of day on June 4 in order for it to count. If you still need to make a plan to vote in-person on or before June 4, visit iwillvote.com.

I hope you’ll join me in casting your vote on June 4.