The Weekly Scoop: Edition 8

The voice of our people believed in the spirit of our nation when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and signed the Bill of Rights. The House Republicans carried on this tradition as we stood on the House Floor to honor children before making such a life altering decision. I am proud to report that HF 623 and HF 348 passed the House Floor and will move to the Senate. It’s important to note that HF 623 will prohibit transgender surgeries and harmful hormonal therapy from being used in the State of lowa until children are given the time to mature and grow into their natural selves before making such a life alternating decision.

It’s a common practice to look at economics as we develop solutions here in lowa where family’s financial problems become State issues. Greeting bankers from District 54 on the Hill last week, it was great listening to their experiences from conversations with families across the state to see where government can help with affordable housing that can be offered at lower rates in our communities. The Legislature is continuing to learn more about all 99 counties’ housing needs by looking into extra steps to provide reasonable solutions for first-time homebuyers and more. I was inspired by the lowa Bankers Association correspondence on the issues lowa families are facing.

Our Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship announced that the office has awarded 28 Choose low Grants totaling $436,000. The idea behind Choose lowa grants is to support small businesses, lowa farmers and nonprofits to diversify their product offerings, expand markets and shorten our supply chains. Grants will support a variety of projects including cider production for lowa green apples, fruit and vegetable processing, cold storage for meat, expanded processing of dairy products, lowa green flowers and more. Please refer to IDALS with more information; https://iowaagiculture.gov/news.

Among several issues that were debated on the House floor last week, I ran bill HF 583. The intent of this bill relates to the transfer of certain motor vehicles by operations of law, including associated odometer disclosure statements. Under current law, a certificate of title cannot be issued for a motor vehicle that is equipped with an odometer by the manufacturer. Currently it requires that the owner of a vehicle verify the mileage upon sale or transfer. What happens if this person is deceased? HF 583 allows the person taking over the vehicle to act as the deceased agent and verify the vehicle mileage. This bill passed the House and moved to the Senate.

A warm lowa House welcome was offered for the Cattle producers and Mid lowa Youth Beef Team on Cattleman’s Day at the Capitol. low’s cattle producers rank number 12 in the nation with our state leading the country in corn production and second in soybeans. low’s agricultural industry is above reproach because we love our farmers.

Rep. Meggers’ district, Iowa House District 54, includes all of Grundy and Hardin counties and several rural townships on the far western edge of Black Hawk County. He can be reached via email: joshua.meggers@legis.iowa.gov.