Revelry at the punch bowl

A Veterans Day Event

TRAER – America’s strongest drink will be mixed up on Saturday, November 11, in Traer. Frontlines United Inc., a local nonprofit that was started just last February, is the force behind the event entitled The Punch Bowl.

The Punch Bowl ceremony was suggested by a local friend of Frontlines United, who took the idea and ran with it. Frontlines United Co-Founder Casey Schmidt explained the event by saying, “The Punch Bowl Ceremony is a tradition that symbolizes the long history of America’s Armed Forces. From the Revolutionary War to modern times, the troops have fought to protect American interests. During times of war and conflict, they have stood strong to defend freedom. It is for this reason that the Punch Bowl Ceremony is a revered tradition, paying tribute to all the sacrifices made by those in the Armed Forces. For each war or conflict, alcohol of that time is poured into a bowl in honor of our veterans, thus creating America’s strongest drink.”

Saturday’s Veterans Day Event won’t simply be centered around the aforementioned punch bowl. The festivities will start at 5 p.m. with a social as people gather at the Traer Memorial Building before moving on to dinner at six.

Other than organizing this event, Frontlines United Inc. has been working tirelessly to make their mission a reality. The main focus of Frontlines is to remove the roadblocks between veterans and facilitate reunions between those who served. Frontlines Co-Founder and President Ian Wheeldon said in an interview back in June, “We just want to make it the easiest possible for anybody, men and women, to get back together to just keep their mental health in a positive place.”

So, this Veterans Day the place to be is the Traer Memorial Building. If you’re a veteran or simply want to honor those who have served us all, make sure to head on down, the revelry starts at five.