Gladbrook-Reinbeck hosts successful open houses, public hearing for potential facilities improvements

Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary School pictured on Thursday, June 27. As part of Phase 1 of the school district’s 10-year, three-phase facility improvements plan, the 64-year-old elementary school will undergo renovations using approximately $8.9 million in SAVE (sales tax) revenue with no impact on local property taxpayers. Phase 1 includes a new secure entrance; upgrading the HVAC and electrical systems; classroom improvements; ADA-compliant restrooms; and three to four additional classroom spaces for special ed, administration, and possible future preschool. Phase 2 – which would construct all new classrooms east of the secondary building in what is now the parking lot – will require a roughly $18.9 million bond referendum to implement. PHOTO BY RUBY F. MCALLISTER

REINBECK – Gladbrook-Reinbeck is pleased to announce the successful completion of two open houses and a public hearing regarding plans to improve Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary School. These events were held to engage with the community, provide detailed information about the proposed improvements, and gather public feedback.

Open Houses Overview

The open houses took place on June 17 and 19 at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary School. Attendees had the opportunity to:

Listen to a presentation from Superintendent Caleb Bonjour about the three-phase approach to improve the district’s facilities and learn about the use of SAVE funding for Phase One of the facility master plan developed by the Task Force and the School Board.

Tour the elementary school to see some of the issues that would be addressed.


Review detailed plans of the proposed improvements to the elementary school, ask questions, and learn the benefits of the proposed improvements such as a secure entrance, HVAC replacements, ADA upgrades, and additional student and special education space.

Learn the details of the proposed financing, including no impact to taxpayer debt.

Public Hearing Overview

On June 25, the school district held a public hearing at Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School. The hearing provided a formal platform for community members to voice their opinions, ask questions, and learn about all three phases of the facility master plan developed by the Task Force and the School Board.

Superintendent Bonjour’s Statement

“We are deeply grateful for the community’s participation in our open houses and public hearing,” Superintendent Caleb Bonjour said. “These meetings were an extension of the consensus reached between the Task Force and the School Board, who collaborated to develop a long-term facility master plan. Phase One of the master plan includes improvements to our elementary school with no impact to taxpayers. The continued involvement of community members from Gladbrook and Reinbeck throughout this process is invaluable as we move forward with our goals to improve the health, safety, and educational environments for our most important assets – our students. We are committed to ensuring transparency and community involvement throughout this process.”

For more information about the proposed school facilities improvements, please visit https://bit.ly/gr-rebels-facility or contact Superintendent Boujour at 319-345-2712 or caleb.bonjour@gr-rebels.net.