Meet the House District 53 Democratic Candidates: John Anderson


John Anderson

Age: 62

Residence location: Tama

Profession: Assembler at Polaris in couple weeks

Education: U of Iowa Engineering

Family: Killed by Chief Bina* last week – Joseph, Ms Thing, Molly and Bowser

*Tama-Grundy Publishing note: Mr. Anderson is referring to Tama Police Chief Jason Bina. The newspaper presumes Mr. Anderson is listing the names of four dogs. On May 7, 2024, a warrant was issued for Mr. Anderson; he was charged by the Tama Police Dept. with four counts of vicious dogs and four counts of animals running at large – all simple misdemeanors – following an incident which took place in Tama the previous day. Bail was set at $1,000 cash only bond. According to court documents, on May 6, Mr. Anderson’s four dogs allegedly left his residence on Harmon Street in Tama and subsequently attacked three different individuals in two separate incidents including a five-year-old child and their mother on McClellan Street, leaving the victims with minor injuries. During this time, according to the criminal complaint, the dogs were allegedly running as a pack, showing aggression, and roaming without control. On May 13, Mr. Anderson appeared in person in Tama County District Court and entered a plea of not guilty to the charge(s). A case management conference has been set for June 18. If the matter is not resolved at that time, a trial has been set for July 23 beginning at 9:30 a.m. He was released on May 13 on a promise to appear.

1) Why do you want to be a state legislator? What is your primary motivation for running?

I don’t know, the Tama are just animals I guess

2) Have you previously run for elected office? If so, for what office(s) and did you win?

On police brutality? Not really

3) What distinguishes you from the other candidates in your primary race?

We all know, only I can get the job done, mainly rooting out [the] corruption at the Tama PD

4) What challenges does District 53 – a primarily rural district – face today that you would like to see addressed by the state legislature? If elected, what would you do to help address those challenges if the Democratic Party remains the minority party in the Iowa House following the 2024 election?

Being put in jail, having my door broke down by the Tama cops for a simple misdemeanor

5) Where do you stand on funding for public schools – is it adequate or otherwise?

First we need to fund competent cops

6) Would you have voted ‘yes’ for the Area Education Agencies (AEAs) reform legislation (which also included raising teacher pay) recently signed into law by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds? Please explain why or why not you would have voted that way.

Don’t you mean Assh*les AKA Tama Police

7) State Rep. Dean Fisher (R-Montour) has represented Tama County in the Iowa House for over a decade. Many Democrats have tried and failed to unseat him. Why are you the candidate Democrats should vote for to take on Rep. Fisher in the 2024 General Election? How will you create a path to victory that no other Democrat has seemingly been able to accomplish?

Who cares, as long as the Chief Butt cheeks gets fired