Gladbrook man charged with harassment, criminal mischief following neighborhood incident

Kermit Ray Ludwig booking photo.

Sun Courier note: This story has been updated to reflect that Ludwig’s neighbor’s minor child’s vehicle was parked legally along the street and not illegally. The Sun Courier regrets the error and will issue a print correction next week.

GLADBROOK – A Gladbrook man was arrested and charged last week on multiple counts including first degree harassment and criminal mischief following an incident involving his neighbors.

Kermit Ray Ludwig, 33, who lives in the 300 block of Fifth Street in Gladbrook, was arrested March 26 by the Tama County Sheriff’s Office in the driveway of his home following at least two 911 calls made by his neighbors. He was charged with one count of second degree criminal mischief – a Class D felony; four counts of first degree harassment – an aggravated misdemeanor; one count of interference with official acts – a simple misdemeanor; and one count of disorderly conduct/loud raucous noise – a simple misdemeanor.

According to the criminal complaint, while responding to Ludwig’s address last Tuesday just after 8:30 p.m., a Tama County Sheriff’s deputy found the defendant in the driveway.

In their 911 call, the first neighbor alleged that Ludwig was ‘clearly upset about something and trying to instigate a fight’ by spinning the tires on his vehicle which threw rocks at the neighbor’s vehicle and caused damage.

A second 911 call – made by another neighbor – reported that Ludwig was allegedly ‘standing outside yelling’ and ‘threatening to bury the whole family.’

The deputy observed Ludwig to be intoxicated and stated that he refused to answer any questions. When told that his neighbors had called 911, Ludwig allegedly said he was upset with how one of the neighbors’ minor children had parked their vehicle which was located directly across the street from Ludwig’s driveway. The deputy noted that the vehicle was parked legally along the street.

After trying to enter his residence, the deputy told Ludwig he was being detained and attempted to place handcuffs on him which Ludwig is alleged to have resisted.

“The defendant was eventually apprehended,” the complaint continues and placed into a patrol vehicle. While inside the vehicle, Ludwig allegedly head-butted and kicked the vehicle’s back window. Deputies responded by pulling him out of the vehicle for further restraint. He was then transported to the Tama County Jail.

Ludwig made an initial appearance in custody in Tama County District Court on March 27. He was ordered to have no contact with two of the neighbors and their two minor children as part of a temporary order of protection.

Ludwig – a Tier III registered sex offender who was convicted in 2011 for lascivious acts with a child in Guthrie County – was released following the March 27 hearing to the supervision of the Dept. of Corrections.

On April 1, attorney Jacob Heard, a public defender, was appointed to represent Ludwig.

A preliminary hearing has been set for April 9 at 9 a.m.