Exciting Pioneer Trail news

Fundraising to begin to close gaps at Reinbeck, Grundy Center

There is some exciting news for the Pioneer trail.

The Grundy County Conservation Board and Grundy County Heritage Foundation have spent the last year exploring ways to close the gaps on the Pioneer Trail. Currently, there are two gaps on the Pioneer Trail.

One gap is on the east edge of Grundy Center and the other is on the west side of Reinbeck. Closing the gaps on the trail has been a priority of both boards for over 30 years.

The current plan is to work on the Reinbeck gap first. Currently, the Pioneer trail ends at T55 near the Oakleaf Golf Course and then starts again inside Reinbeck.

The proposed route to close the Reinbeck gap is to use the Highway 175 right-of-way for the Pioneer trail.

The proposed route will have a hard-surfaced trail that runs parallel to Highway 175 connecting the city of Reinbeck’s trail system to Gutknecht Roadside Park and the Pioneer trail.

Through many discussions, both boards feel this is the best route possible to close the Reinbeck trail gap on the Pioneer trail.

Funding of the project will be the next hurdle both boards are planning to take on, thus 2024 will be an important year for this project.

There are several grants throughout the year that we will be applying for to help get us to our goal. This project is estimated at a high number, which makes these grants a necessity.

Most grants have a local match percentage required, so fundraising is also part of this project.

The Grundy County Heritage Foundation will be taking the lead on the fundraising portion of the project.

Contact the Grundy County Conservation office at 204 4th Street in Morrison or call 319-345-2688 if any inquiries regarding financial assistance to the project.

We have been very encouraged by the importance of this project by the public, and the boards are motivated to work hard to establish the funds needed.

We know most people have heard about closing the gaps on the Pioneer Trail for many years. Both Boards are excited about moving forward with this project. Providing access to the Pioneer Trail for the residents of Reinbeck and Grundy Center is something the residents of Grundy County should be excited about.