G-R Coaches of the Week: Sean Babinat and Brett Bengen

With the season extending into the playoffs our coaches are important now more than ever. This week’s coaches are offensive line coach Sean Babinat and defensive coordinator Brett Bengen.

Sean Babinat

Sean Babinat, otherwise known as “Babs”, is the offensive line coach and sometimes he calls the plays on the sideline during games. Babs graduated from GR in 2006. Babs started at center for the GR Rebels in 04, 05, and 06, and returned to start coaching in 2010. He left in 2019 but came back in 2023. Babs transfers his great football knowledge into the o-linemen by teaching them techniques that he was taught when he played.

Brett Bengen

Brett Bengen is in charge of the defense and coach of the linebackers and running backs. Brett Bengen has been a coach for 13 years starting in 2011 and got the defensive coordinator role in 2018. Bengen is an alumn of Gladbrook-Reinbeck and a former player on the football, basketball and baseball teams. Bengen was a star player on all teams and earned a spot on the Central football team. Brett Bengen performed amazingly at Central and got an invite to the University of Northern Iowa football team. As a coach, Brett Bengen also is a leader in the weight room and promotes the Rebel strength and conditioning program. Brett’s loud and strong voice gives the Rebels team great motivation and amazing coaching.

In the end, we are grateful for both men and everything they have done for us. From the time in the weightroom to the long hard practices, these coaches have put a lot of time and effort into our team and have imbued great football wisdom upon us.

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