Tama Co. Supervisors discuss zoning issues

News and notes from Sept. 11 meeting

Tama County Administration Building, 104 W State St., Toledo, Iowa. SUN COURIER FILE PHOTO

TOLEDO – The biggest issue at last Monday’s supervisor’s meeting was zoning. New Century FS went in front of the supervisors to get approval for the construction of a hazmat material storage facility. Although everyone at the meeting was for the storage facility, they just wanted it zoned correctly. At first, the facility was going to be zoned agricultural, but after much discussion, it was decided that this may not be adequate for the facility. In the end, the supervisors tentatively approved the facility, but will wait for the zoning board to meet and figure out how it should be zoned.

Other business

The Tama County engineer reported that blades are out working since the county got some much-needed rain. The Toledo Deer Creek Bridge is working on pouring the second rail. The supervisors also approved the warranty on the roof for the new building.

A public hearing was held for the precinct redistricting and no one commented. The next step in the precinct redistricting is sending the map to the state for approval.

Claims totaling $154,905.42 were approved.