Garwin Legion Roof Fundraiser a success

Bubba's Burnt Ends BBQ, owned and operated by Bruce "Bubba" Campbell, catered the BBQ beef meal for the Garwin Legion Roof Fundraiser. Bubba said, "We prepared enough meat for 250 sandwiches and we were sold out by 6 p.m." All proceeds went towards the roof repair. Pictured are Dennis and Debbie Campbell and Angel and Bubba Campbell. PHOTO BY MARGARET THOMSEN
Perry Miller and the All Stars provided listening music for the large crowd attending the Garwin Legion Hall Roof fundraiser. They are a group that “just get together for a jam session and play together". The result is a mix of delightful music. PHOTO BY MARGARET THOMSEN

GARWIN – The Garwin Community pulled together and the goal of raising enough funds to reroof the William M. Saunders American Legion Post # 71 roof was met. Spearheaded by a group of residents who live near Union Grove Lake, a successful BBQ and Silent Auction were held on August 19 with the proceeds to go for the new roof.

The need for a new roof began when the big storm hit the area in July of 2011 and the steel roof was demolished. The insurance company chose to replace the roof with a standard shingle roof. The storm earlier this summer badly damaged that roof and, subsequently, moisture was leaking into the main interior of the building.

The fundraising group was spearheaded by Angel and Bruce “Bubba” Campbell. Bubba owns Bubba’s Burnt Ends BBQ. He prepared enough BBQ for 250 sandwiches and they were sold out by 6 p.m.

Tables were set up outside and a silent auction was available inside. Guests could eat outside and listen to a delightful mix of music provided by Perry Miller and the All Stars performing on the Bandstand.