Short film shows at state

A group of students at GMG went to state in Short Film with a video called, The Sexy Photo Silencer.

Anna Mussig, Caiden Priske, Lexi Vasquez, Skye Witte, and Jayden Beichley, all participated in a video about a student who sent an inappropriate photo to someone and that photo of her spread around the school.

The group’s main point of the video was to spread awareness, reminding people to not send inappropriate pictures.

The group got the idea after their school was having problems with students sending inappropriate photos.

They had two versions of the video. The first one was presented at districts for a score of I.

The group needed to improve the video for state. Group members added more transitions and scenes. Its goal was to slow down the story and make the plot clearer.

The group added Aiden White, who was the one who recorded and edited the video.

At state speech, the new video was presented to three judges, the rating that the judges gave them was a II. The judges commented that the audio was too quiet or had an echo. Also, some of the scenes were too quick and didn’t allow for enough time to build the characters.

The judges did say the video was enjoyable and showed a good message.

Some of the students who participated are already thinking about what they should do or next year.

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