Duden manages GMG business


Stacy Duden is the schools new Business Manager Official, and has been for the past

three months.

Although she is new to this type of job, Duden has aspects of this position that she is familiar with. Duden has worked in the human resources field for the last 10 years and has handled large accounts and billing in previous roles.

She believes that her career for the past 10 years in HR has prepared her tremendously for this current position. Duden is familiar with labor laws, employment laws and regulations, and has a good knowledge of benefits.

Duden has very deep ties with GMG Secondary. When she was offered the position, Duden was very ready for the challenge.

Her friendship with her predecessor gave Duden the ability to ask different types of questions about the job when she realized that this job was a challenge she was ready to attack.

Duden has many goals for the school like keeping us in good financial health, finding different ways to streamline some of the current processes to make them more efficient, and to create an atmosphere that staff want to be a part of and feel united as one.

She has a participative and transformational leadership style. Duden’s decision-making process first involves prioritizing what needs to be done. She thinks that it’s very important to gather accurate information so as to not make quick or hasty decisions.

If Duden needs to make a quick decision she relies on her past experiences and knowledge of the matter. Duden believes that it is important to involve those that the decision will also affect.

When it comes to navigating small budgets, she looks for ways to be the most efficient as possible, working with smaller budgets can take some creative thinking and substitutions.

Duden believes that there are many positive experiences that she has experienced with the staff and kids, and that GMG is filled with great staff.

Duden knows what the potentials are here for our kids and yet they never cease to amaze her. Duden has been surrounded by supportive people who are pushing her to be the best that she can be.

“The staff and kids!” are the best part of GMG, Duden said, adding, “I have been welcomed and had an awesome support team. I love to learn, and I have been doing a lot of that!”

Something Duden would like the district employees to know as she moves forward in her job is that she will always have an open door. If Duden is asked a question she may have to find the answer and get back to the person.

Duden believes that as a team they can make GMG not only a great place now but for many years to come, and she really appreciates everyone’s support in her journey.

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