GMG High School Art Club hosts elementary art camp


On Saturday, December 10, the GMG Art Club put together an art camp for the elementary. The Art club had an idea to do some fundraising by putting on an art camp for the younger students in the elementary, the money that was raised is going to be used by the art club for future activities and some exclusive items such as t-shirts for the members.

The first-ever art camp theme was winter themed, and the crafts for that day went along with the theme, the kids made snow globes, snowflakes, and ornaments, and when the kids were finished with the crafts they could do free drawing with some winter-themed coloring pages. The activities were happening two at a time where the children choose what they wanted to do first and then when they were finished with one they could then start on the second option.

There was snack time in between crafts for the children where they decorated their own cookies, after the second round of crafts the kids split into two groups to choose a game, the games were either snowball bowling in the gym or an obstacle course in the cafeteria, the kid who got the fastest time in the course and the kid who did the best in the bowling got a prize.

The events of the night went pretty well, the kids got done with their projects before the next activity was ready and the only thing that wasn’t planned was where some of the club members that were watching the kids of the event were going from room to room helping out with whatever they can, the stress even seemed fun because people got distracted and combined stress with fun and made stress fun.

The kids seemed to enjoy the event too, they all had fun and when needed too they could take a break in the hallway, they were all well-behaved until the end when they were getting tired and “took ‘be aggressive’ to a new level,” said Olivia Zarbua.


The only things that the Art Club members would change for the next art camp would be to have more people use alarms so they could be more on time, to have two groups of people the ones in charge of the activities and the ones to help children and to change the theme into something similar to spring madness.

This article was first published in GMG High School Journalism Class newspaper The Scoop on Dec. 20, 2022.