Nominate someone for 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year

Will the 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year hail from your school district? One thing is sure: She or he won’t if you don’t nominate a teacher for the honor.

And that’s the beauty – anyone can nominate a teacher: administrators, colleagues, students, parents, college faculty, and associations.

The Teacher of the Year award provides an opportunity to recognize an Iowa teacher who motivates, challenges, and inspires excellence; who is respected by students and peers; who is a dedicated professional that helps nurture hidden talents and abilities; who is a creative, caring individual; who takes teaching beyond textbooks and blackboards; and who is an exceptional teacher helping to redefine American education.

The Iowa Department of Education is accepting nominations for the 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year program through April 1, 2023.

Self nominations and nominations from family members are not accepted.

Nominees must be a career teacher, hold a valid Iowa teaching license, and be currently employed by a public school district in Iowa.

Sound like someone you know? Then nominate today! Head to the website https://educateiowa.gov, use the website search bar to search for ‘Nominate someone for Teacher of the Year,’ or use this direct link: https://educateiowa.gov/pk-12/award-and-exchange-programs/iowa-teacher-year-toy#2024_Nomination_Information