Green Mountain Fire Dept. quickly extinguishes smoke at elementary school

GMG Elementary School pictured this past September. SUN COURIER FILE PHOTO

The Green Mountain Fire Department was called to the GMG Elementary School after an automatic fire alarm activation at around 11:20 p.m. last Wednesday night and discovered that the source was a pottery kiln.

According to a social media post, firefighters noticed an “unusual odor” in the lobby and eventually found smoke emanating from the art room banked down to about four feet from the floor. Combustible items were discovered too close to the kiln.

“It’s unclear if something was inadvertently left on the kiln or if something fell off the shelf,” Green Mountain Fire Chief Patrick Cornwell said. “It was completely accidental.”

The items were removed from the building and fully extinguished with snow, and firefighters used a positive pressure fan to remove the smoke from the art room. There was only minor cosmetic damage to the kiln.

After about an hour on the scene, firefighters turned the building over to staff, and classes at GMG Elementary went on as scheduled Thursday morning.

“It smoked the (art) room up but not enough to spread to anything else,” Cornwell said.