Tama Co. Board of Supervisors Jan. 2 meeting minutes

Tama County Administration Building, 104 W State St., Toledo, Iowa. SUN COURIER FILE PHOTO

-Bill Faircloth was nominated and approved as Chairman of the Board.

-Curt Hilmer was nominated and approved as Vice Chairman of the Board.

-The Board approved the authorization for the County Auditor to pay postage, express freight, wages, and salaries prior to being audited by the Board of Supervisors.

-The Board approved the authorization for the County Auditor to pay all claims signed by the majority of the Board in 2023.

-The Board approved the Tama-Toledo News Chronicle and North Tama Telegraph as the designated official newspapers for Tama County for the year 2023.

-Resolution #1-2-2023A was approved concerning the Secondary Road Department’s temporary road closure jurisdiction and control over any highway in the state.

-Resolution #1-2-2023B was approved concerning the authorization of the County Treasurer to deposit county funds in banks of the approved amounts.

-The Board approved the designation of depositories for county departments.

Chairman Bill Faircloth approved the following appointments for 2023:

–County Buildings – Board of Supervisors

–Decat Executive Board (DHS) – Dan Anderson

–DHS Advisory Board – Curt Hilmer

–County Emergency Management Agency (EMA/911) – Dan Anderson

–Tama County Economic Development Commission – Board of Supervisors

–Farm Administration, County Farm Rental – Dan Anderson

–Livestock Evaluation – Dan Anderson & Bill Faircloth (alternate)

–Board of Health Services – Curt Hilmer

–Health Insurance (contact person for Insurance Information) – Tammy Wise

–Heartland Insurance Coordinator – Tammy Wise

–Heartland Risk Pool Insurance (County Trustee) – Bill Faircloth

–6th Judicial District – Curt Hilmer

–Tama County Day Care (dba Kids Corner Daycare, Inc.) – Bill Faircloth & Dan Anderson (alternate)

–Northeast Iowa Response Group (NIRG) – Dan Anderson & Kendall Jordan (designatee)

–Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEIAAA) – Curt Hilmer

–RC & D Commission (DNR and US Fish & Wildlife) – Bill Faircloth

–Region VI Planning Commission – Bill Faircloth

–Safety Coordinators (Risk Pool Insurance) – Tammy Wise, Lyle Brehm, Tim Dolezal, Chad Princehouse, Stephen Mayne, Dave Sherwood, Laura Kopsa, Ryan Goodenbour, and Dirk Henle.

–ADA Coordinator – Tammy Wise

–ADA Compliance Officer – Dirk Henle

–SATUCI – Dan Anderson

–South Central Iowa Workforce Development – Bill Faircloth

–Central Iowa Juvenile Detention – Bill Faircloth

–Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) – Board of Supervisors

–Landfill Commission – Board of Supervisors

–County Social Services Region (CSS) – Bill Faircloth

–Shared Area Radio Agreement (SARA) – Jeremy Cremeans & 911

The Board approved the appointment of the following:

–County Engineer – Lyle Brehm

–Medical Examiner – Dr. David Bethel, M.D.

–Deputy Medical Examiner – (vacant)

–Medical Examiner Investigator – DalLynn McEltree & Jason Bina

–Relief Director & Veterans Affairs – Elizabeth Ledvina

–Weed Commissioner – Dirk Henle

–Zoning Administrator – Todd Apfel

The Board approved the following 2023 holiday dates for County Office closures:

–Presidents’ Day – Monday, February 20

–Good Friday – Friday, April 7

–Memorial Day – Monday, May 29

–Independence Day – Tuesday, July 4

–Labor Day – Monday, September 4

–Veterans Day – Friday, November 10

–Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 23 & Friday, November 24

–Christmas Eve – Friday, December 22

–Christmas Day – Monday, December 25

–New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1, 2024

-The Board approved setting the time and date for regular meetings on Mondays as 9:30 a.m., with public comments starting at 9:00 a.m.

-The Board approved the 2023 Tama County Compensation Commission for Condemnation Proceedings.

–Resolution #1-2-2023C was approved concerning the construction evaluation of a confinement feeding operation in compliance with Iowa Code 459.304(3).