2022 Iowa Tornado Review

A home on county road E64 two and half miles south of Tama was significantly damaged during a tornado that struck Tama County on the evening of March 5, 2022. TAMA GRUNDY PUBLISHING FILE PHOTO
Map of 2022 tornado tracks, totaling 42 in Iowa. For additional details visit https://www.weather.gov/dmx/iators2022. IMAGE BY NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE

The 2022 tornado season started much like the 2021 season ended, with several tornadoes during a cool season event. March 5 was a very impressive start to the season with a total of 15 tornadoes of which one was a long track EF4; the first EF4 in Iowa since 2013. Unfortunately, this tornado resulted in six deaths and five injuries near Winterset. With a path length just over 70.5 miles, it was one of the longest tornadoes of the past 40 years. Another deadly tornado occurred near Chariton and resulted in another fatality in a campground at Red Haw State Park. The 15 tornadoes made it one of the earliest outbreaks with a total that high so early in the season. About a month later on April 12, another round of tornadoes struck the state with 13 spin-ups across Iowa. The peak of tornado season is normally in May and June, however, 2022 was another year where these months were relatively inactive. May and June only saw a combined four tornadoes. Six additional tornadoes occurred in July and the year ended with one last tornado in the month of August, bringing the 2022 grand total to 42. While a few of these tornadoes damaged trees and farmsteads, most remained in rural areas and produced little to no damage.

Tama-Grundy Publishing note: On March 5 at approximately 6:33 p.m., a tornado formed southwest of the intersection of 370th Street and H Avenue in Tama County – roughly 4.3 miles southwest of the Tama Airport – and moved northeast. According to the National Weather Service, the tornado remained mostly over cropland and wooded areas but did impact a couple of different residences with EF1 damage to outbuildings along US 63 south of Tama, followed by EF2 damage to a house on E64 southeast of Tama. The tornado caused tree damage in the Iowa River Valley before dissipating just shy of US 30 near P Avenue. The 8.54 mile, 200 yards wide Tama tornado was part of a series of tornados that tracked across central Iowa on March 5 including an EF1 tornado that formed southwest of Garrison in neighboring Benton County.