Grits and Gravy Hits the GMG Stage

GMG Secondary’s “Grits and Gravy” cast included (front row, l-r) Brooke Thomas, Adelyn Sienknecht, and Jonas Buchanan; (second row, l-r) Taylor Tremaine, Jocee Mason, Jessica Johnson, Maecyn Lewis, Allison Tremaine, Emrie Sager, Linsey Kohn, Brooklyn Jones, and Noah Teske; (third row, l-r) Boudica Fitzimmons, Anthony Waters, Allicen Meyers, Austin Pencil, Reese Dielman, Dylan Mathern, Wyatt Jackson, Madison Edwards, Matthew DeSchamp, Jay Bessman, Liam Fitzmmons, Mary Jo Hunt, and Cora Hall. PHOTO COURTESY NOAH TESKE/THE SCOOP

A large group of GMG students worked hard the past few months to present the play “Grits and Gravy” on Nov. 19-20 at GMG Secondary in Garwin.

The cast first struggled to juggle sports with the play, but later pulled it together and produced a good show for the community.

“In my opinion, Friday night was better,” said Linsey Kohn, who was cast as Inez Fryburger. “Saturday’s performance was good, but not great.”

Many community members and play members would agree with Kohn.

The play relied on the students, but also co-directors, Joel Schoening and Tiya Mon- taño.

“I think the performance went very well,” co-director Tiya Montaño said. “The kids seemed to get it together for the actual perfor- mances so we can’t ask for more.”

Montaño said the toughest challenge was: “Getting the entire cast together, sadly the Friday night performance was the first time wehad the entire cast there.”

Despite the challenges, the cast pulled together to create a decent performance, that was enjoyed by the community.

Montaño and cast members will return later in the year to perform the Spring musical. They intend to show off their acting skills some more, as well as sing a little.