Moritz joins Grundy Center’s Hurley & Associates

Hurley & Associates announces the hiring of Jason Moritz as Group Leader and Farm Marketing Consultant. Jason is a licensed commodities broker and works closely with farm clients’ budgets, cash flow requirements, and risk management strategies to work toward a financially healthy conclusion to each crop year.

Jason grew up in Coal Valley, Illinois, near the Iowa border, and is a Rock Island High School graduate. At a young age, he started his career focusing on providing service to others. His passion for service and the fulfillment it gives still motivates him over three decades later. He finds that his experiences and beliefs match the Hurley & Associates mission: Helping producers achieve economic stability while maintaining the dignity and value of the farm family.

Before joining Hurley and Associates, Jason worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager for United Catalyst Corporation. Jason has spent time as a road course race driver, instructor, and high-performance driving coach, working with all types of drivers at various talent levels. Over the years, he learned many of the same lessons from the racetrack that can be applied to business minimizing risk while getting the desired outcome. The lessons he learned were the value of preparation, knowing critical details, focusing, keeping your eyes up, and executing a plan.

Jason and his wife, Heather, live in Cedar Falls, with their Schnauzer, Truman. He enjoys spending time with his family, meeting new people, and all things automotive. 

About Hurley and Associates

Founded in 1988, Hurley and Associates is an agricultural risk management company. The company’s mission is “To help our clients achieve economic stability while maintaining the dignity and value of the farm family.” Hurley & Associates currently employs 82 people and additionally has 10 affiliate representatives working together to service farmers throughout the United States.