Meet GMG’s Mrs. Farrell

Mrs. Lexie Farrell became a teacher out of jealousy.

“I got to sit in on my husband’s (Steve Farrell’s) classroom and see how he (taught) and coached,” she said. “I was actually jealous of him and wanted to have that connection with

kids like he had with his students and wrestlers.”

Farrell said she also chose teaching because she wanted to be able to coach and be around kids. Farrell teaches business classes, sponsors Future Business Leaders of America, and coaches.

Farrell’s most embarrassing moment in education was as a softball coach.

“I was trying to instruct rundowns for softball,” she said. “I had just told them, ‘You need to throw outside the running lane, so you don’t hit the runner.'”

Farrell continued: “The player was literally two-feet in front of me (Farrell as the runner) and the girl threw the ball, knocking me right in the forehead. I fell to the ground and didn’t know what was going on. I had a concussion.”

Three words that Farrell would use to describe herself include compassionate, caring, and fair.

Coaching: Dance, Cheer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. She has been oaching since college as a student coach, so for 14 years total.

Watching Sports: Football!!!! Wrestling, Softball, Volleyball. Would rather play than watch.

Hidden Talent: I am really good at Karaoke. I would refer to myself as the songbird of my generation. I would say I am a mix between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.