Gracias, Señora Peña

Mrs. Eulalia Peña has been teaching for 22 years. Before teaching, Peña was a social worker at a secondary school in Yecuatla, Veracruz México.

Her first teaching job was in the same school called Secondary School Salvador Diaz Miròn.

Peña’s first teaching job in the United States was in the Marshalltown School District.

Peña has taught at GMG for six years.

Peña loves teaching Spanish, but if she could teach another class it would be Folklore because she loves dancing.

Peña earned her master’s degree over the summer from the University of Salamanca in Spain.

Some of the toughest challenges of graduate school included having a lot of assignments and taking time to read. Peña had to make or design activities, all while being a mother over the


Peña started teaching because when she was in school she had really good teachers that inspired her. Teaching has been her dream job since Peña was in school.

Peña’s favorite food is sea food and also fajitas.

She doesn’t really have a favorite movie, but loves movies about Christian faith.