2022 GMG High School football season ends

GMG hosted Colo-Nesco on October 14 for its annual Homecoming game.

In total, the Wolverines had 143 passing yards leading to 2 passing touchdowns.

GMG had 2 fumble recoveries with a fumble return for a touchdown.

For the season closer, GMG beat Springville 40- 38.

The Wolverines had a total of 323 passing yards with 4 passing touchdowns.

In addition to 4 passing touchdowns, the players also had 1 rushing touchdown, leading them to 5 two-point conversions.

The longest reception that occurred that night was 65 yards.

The Wolverines had a total of 45 tackles with 4 sacks and 1 fumble recovery.

Along with starting at GMG for his first year teaching, this was also Devon Diederichs’ first year coaching the GMG football program as the head coach.

He believes that the players have had a lot of growth throughout the summer and the whole football season.

This football season has taught Diederichs that there is a wide community willing to support the players who have worked hard this season.

Diederichs said the players had a lot of positive events to build on for future years, along with seeing a lot of self-growth from each individual.

The biggest advice Diederichs would give upcoming football players is to keep working hard.

“It starts in the weight room,” Diederichs added.