Noah Teske Spotlight


Noah Teske is not only an outstanding athlete competing in multiple sports but an excellent student.

Noah says his favorite class is science because of the hands-on learning, the experiments, and it’s fun.

His least favorite day of the week is Monday because it is the beginning of the week and boring.

Even though Noah is excellent at every sport he likes baseball the most.

His favorite food was a hard choice since he says he likes all kinds of food but he would have to say french silk pie One piece of advice he would give someone younger than him is “don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

Noah Teske’s favorite place to eat is Texas Roadhouse because of “The buns and the Butta.”

Noah’s favorite sport memory would have to be when Danny Hughes, class of 2018, climbed trees and chased squirrels during Noah’s 8th grade cross country season.

Noah’s favorite school memory is the time during study hall when a senior last year Preston Jones was blowing his nose and he asked him if his nose was running and then he said yes so he responded with you better go catch it.

It made Preston mad but Noah found it funny Noah’s dream job would be anything that has to do with testing toys, games, or food.