Six things to know from Aug. 15 Tama Co. Board of Supervisors

1. Board takes action, signing state permits for road repairs on Hwy 2.

2. Board approves the Grundy REC reworking of power lines north of 63, west of M Ave., and east of K Ave.107th.

3. County Engineer Lyle Brehm updated the Board on current projects:

-The bridge over Salt Creek at 380th St. near Belle Plaine is being repaired. Work has started. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed for a week pending crane blower repairs. Should be up and running this week.

-While waiting on repairs, they’ve begun work on a Dinsdale bridge to prevent future erosion.

-The addition of a landing pad for the sharp incline on M Ave. at the intersection to help grain hauling and prevent accidents.

4. Board approved an increased out-of-state deputies’ daily meal budget from $26 to $40, pending itemized receipt. Doesn’t include the purchase of alcohol or tips.

5. Board approved an increase in mileage expenses, only 90% of the state’s rate. The current mileage expense budget for county employees is $26,000, and the proposed expense increase to $52,500. Employees can only receive a budget approved by the Board of Supervisors.

6. Claims totaling $186,687.28 were approved.