Get Fit Gladbrook

It’s hard to miss the Gladbrook Fitness Center's bright green and blue window decals. –Photo by Leslie McClintock
The original Gladbrook Fitness & Wellness Center located at the former G-R Middle School pictured earlier this summer prior to the school being demolished. –Photo by Ruby F. McAllister
Equipment is polished and ready to go at Gladbrook’s Fitness Center. –Photo by Leslie McClintock

The Gladbrook Fitness Center has relocated from the former Gladbrook Middle School grounds to the recently remodeled old ambulance building at 303 Second Street. The center was forced to move as a result of the school being demolished this past summer.

An Open House was held on August 7 at the new location. The fitness center is now open 24/7.

While helping with the fitness center relaunch, Leslie McClintock says, “People choose to work out for many reasons: weight control, health, stress relief, muscle building. At the fitness center, you have many options for cardio machines, weights, dumbbells, and exercise balls. Some like working out alone, but others prefer working out with others. Having a workout partner helps hold people accountable. We have a lot of people who use the fitness center, and we’re very eager to get back in.”

A monthly membership will be $30, but a $36 discount for a yearly membership price: $276 for a single person and $396 for families; prices are subject to sales tax.

Call Gladbrook City Hall at (641) 473-2582 or email clerk@gladbrook.org, Monday through Friday, to find out more. Also, check out the Gladbrook Fitness Center Facebook page for updates.