Memorial Services held at All Veterans Memorial Park

Color Guard for the Memorial Day Services held at the All Veterans Memorial Park in Gladbrook consisted of members from the Gladbrook Legion and Lincoln Amvets. Members included Ron Bush, John Clausen, Dennis Haack, Paul Koester, Terry Schmitz, Jim Gethmann, Loren Frericks, Leo Lohse, Bob Knaack, Doug Sienknecht and Tony Sienknecht. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
Rev. Gary Chatterson was the featured speaker for the Memorial Day service. He is the interim minister at Lincoln Salem Church. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
Jeanne Paustian and Karen Lage were in charge of "Laying of the Wreaths". They are Presidents of the Gladbrook Legion Auxiliary and Lincoln Amvets Auxiliary. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
Brandon Strohbehn played the traditional "Taps" at the closing of the Memorial Day Services at the All Veterans Memorial Park. Brandon just graduated from Gladbrook-Reinbeck and will be attending Iowa State University to major in Engineering. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
The American Flag was raised by Henry Horstmann. He is a Korean War veteran and served in the military from 1945 to 9147. He was based at Fort Hood, TX, and was a tank mechanic. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
Gladbrook Junior Auxiliary was represented by Kinley Miller. She distributed the traditional red poppy to those attending the Memorial Day services. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen
For an event such as the Memorial Day observance in Gladbrook on Monday to take place, it takes a good number of people working together to make it all successful. Chris Hickmann, left, passed out programs with all veterans listed and which cemetery they were located. Auxiliary Vice-President Candice Bartell, right, helped to assure everyone had a poppy. –Photo courtesy Margaret Thomsen

The Gladbrook American Legion and Auxiliary and the Lincoln Amvets teamed together to provide memorial services for veterans from the area. The group provided short services at eight cemeteries prior to coming to the All Veterans Memorial Park in Gladbrook for the closing service of the day. A large number of guests were in attendance.

Rev. Gary Chatteron representing Lincoln Salem Church gave the Address. He said, “We pray a time will come that men and women no longer have to go to war and no lives will be lost and that we may all live in peace. … Memorial Day is not just a day off. It is a day we remember those who served in Viet Nam, Iraq and oceans around the world to die for our freedom.” He talked about how young men and women went to war and gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying. He reminded us that many went to battle and came home with life-altering injuries and we must never forget them.

The American Flag was raised by Henry Horstmann of Gladbrook. He is a veteran of the Korean War and served in Fort Hood, Texas as a mechanic for tanks. Members of the Color Guard raised the other flags.

The traditional “Laying of the Wreaths” was conducted by Gladbrook Legion Auxiliary President Jeanne Paustian and Lincoln Amvet Auxiliary Karen Lage.

The Honor Guard and Firing Squad gave the 21 Gun Salute. Members of the squad included: Ron Busch, John Clausen, Dennis Haack, Paul Koester, Terry Schmittz, Jim Gethmann, Loren Frericks, Leo Lohse, Bob Knaack, Jim Schneider, Doug Sienknecht and Tony Sienknecht.

Brandon Strohbehn played “Taps”. The event closed with the crowd joining in singing “God Bless America” and joining hands in a show of unity. All music for the morning was provided on the keyboard by June Bessmann.