Grundy county may acquire historic church

The Grundy County Historical Collections has received an opportunity to take ownership of the old Presbyterian church in Morrison. The church had its last service February 7th 1965, before merging with the Reinbeck United Presbyterian Church. Currently the church is owned by Henry Schick, and has been offered to the Grundy County Historical Collections Board.

The board is in discussion on how funds could be generated to bring the building up to code to be used as a museum building. Ideally the church would be restored to what it was like in the 1960’s, with ADA considerations so it could be seen by the public.

The building is in need of a lot of restoration and updates to be able to have the church open to the public. Estimates have been gathered to have the church become a museum facility, and they are large. Early estimates are at the $300,000.00 amount, and like everything else continuing to rise.

The board has decided to reach out to the public to see if there is any interest in monetary assistance to the project. Honestly the future of the project may rest in the feedback we receive from you. If you have an interest in helping preserve the church, please send responses to the Grundy County Conservation office at 204 4th Street, Morrison Iowa, 50657. Thank you in advance. We look forward to hearing from you.