Gladbrook-Reinbeck Senior Spotlights: April 15, 2022

RiLynn Bergmann
Rylee Johnston
Lauren Bystricky

RiLynn Bergmann

Family: Tiffany & Zach Buchheit, Andy Bergmann, siblings Maddie Bergmann, Nevada Buchheit, Lane, Ryder, & JB Buchheit, Connor Engel (SO) & Greyson Engel (Son)

Future Plans: Attend Hawkeye, then transfer to a 4 year and get my Bachelor’s in General Business.

Advice: Have fun your freshman and sophomore year, then study junior year and 1st/2nd tri of Senior year, and then make your 3rd tri super easy.

Look up to: My mom, she worked very hard to be where she is today and is so strong.

Senior Quote: “Have fun”

Favorite Memory: Sophomore year when Lauren Bystricky told Zach, my stepdad, that he was “dummy thicc” at our Christmas party.

Involved in: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball Cheer.

Dream Travel Spot: The Bahamas, warm and there is a beach.

Childhood Dream Job: Nurse

Most proud of: Becoming a mom and still taking college classes, graduation and pursuing my dreams with my little bestfriend by my side.

Rylee Johnston

Family: Haley Allen & Aaron Johannsen, siblings Jade Jorgenson

Future Plans: Taking a gap year and then attending Hawkeye to major in Biology

Favorite Memory: Watching a 7th grader trip and fall during cheer practice

Advice: Just do your best

Look up to: My mom, she’s always supportive and she believes in me.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Adair, she is so nice and really cares about everybody.

Pet peeve: Middle school kids.

Senior Quote: “I’m surrounded by idiots.” Scar, The Lion King.

Involved in: Choir, Track, Cheer, Musical

Dream Travel Spot: Japan, it’s so pretty and I want to try all the different foods.

Childhood Dream Job: Teacher

Most proud of: Getting on the honor roll.

Lauren Bystricky

Family: Jon & Cody Bystricky, siblings Lydia Bystricky

Future Plans: Attend the University of Iowa and study Radiology

Favorite Memory: Senior Year Musial After Party

Advice: Work on study skills now rather than later

Look up to: My drive to learn is what inspires me the most, it pushes me to improve myself and my knowledge.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Boheman, I liked the dissections in his classes.

Pet peeve: First day class introductions

Senior Quote: “And the universe said I love you because you are love.”

Involved in: Choir, Musical, Golf

Dream Travel Spot: The Great Barrier Reef, so I could look at the coral and wildlife

Childhood Dream Job: Veterinarian

Most proud of: The amount I have grown as a person along the way.