Nazario seeking Iowa House seat

Robert Nazario, Iowa House District 54 candidate, resides in rural Iowa with wife, Jennifer and pups, Luna and Mina. – Photo provided

Robert Nazario, a 28-year resident of Iowa, has registered to run for the House District 54 seat in the Iowa House Of Representatives. Nazario, a lifelong Republican and America First candidate, decided to run for office after attending the Hardin County Republican Convention.

“I am witnessing the continued decline in the state of politics in our country,” Nazario said in a statement. “I feel very strongly that any political representative should have to listen to the people and vote with their constituents’ opinions and the Iowa and U.S. Constitution in mind. After many politicians voted for the Infrastructure Bill, raising the debt ceiling, and the Omnibus Spending Bill, I decided I could not support the establishment any longer and that needs to start at the state level. For years, political figures have been siding with the lobbyist or major donors and not the people. We can’t have multiple subject bills being debated despite them being against the Iowa Constitution and against the Republican Party Platform which believes in transparency and accountability. I will stand for the people.”

Nazario is pro-life and a proponent of fiscal responsibility, medical freedom, increasing mental health programs and treatment, property owner rights, a strong border, legal immigration, pro-law enforcement, a strong military, robust second amendment, good stewardship of natural resources and a balanced energy plan including crude oil, LNG, coal, ethanol, biodiesel, and renewables.

He believes we need less regulations and a need to work toward American independence.

Nazario has recently retired after 36 years working as a merchant marine. He began his career at sea as a mess man and worked up the ranks to Second Officer on a U.S. flag merchant tanker. He was in charge of navigation, security, and medical aboard his ship. He resides in rural Iowa Falls and has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for 29 years and has two grown children, and four beautiful granddaughters.

He looks forward to meeting the constituents of the district and passionately representing them.