Hats off to Reinbeck veterans

Pictured are U.S. Air Force Veteran Don Tscherter, U.S. Army Veteran Vern Miller and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Brian O'Flautery. Contributed photo

The Reinbeck American Legion Auxiliary Unit #242 presented five area veterans living at our nursing home/senior apartments with military caps from their branch of service as a token of thanks for their service. So often we forget those who served our nation to protect our freedoms.

Those receiving hats were Robert Bown, Don Tscherter, Brian O’Flautery, Vern Miller and Bob Eisenhower. The following is a note from each veteran regarding their specific military service.

Robert Bown served in the Army for 2 years and was deployed to Japan and Korea. He was infantry and said of his experience “Everyone should have to serve some military time,” Bown said. “It was something to see how little people had in other countries, almost next to nothing during the war.”

Don Tscherter served as a Seaman in the Air Force during World War II for three years. He was trained in Florida to work and maintain radar systems. He was shipped overseas on Christmas Eve to serve North Africa. He said radar was key in saving hundreds of lives in that location of the war.

Brian O’Flautery was in the Marine Corps for two years. He served in the United States with the Military Police. His time in the service made him appreciate this wonderful country. He said Americans are among the finest people.

U.S. Army Veteran Robert Bown of Reinbeck was honored by the American Legion Auxiliary during last week’s Veteran’s Day holiday. Contributed photo

Vern Miller served in the Army as a personnel sergeant. He served for four and a half years and was stationed in Germany during the Korean War. He liked the military and people he met but didn’t always care for military procedures. He met his future wife in Holland while in the Army and they were married for 49 years.

Bob Eisenhower served in the Army for two years in Fort Benning, Ga. He was scheduled to go overseas but because of his baseball experience prior to entering the Army, he was reassigned to play baseball for the Army team. It was a good experience in discipline.

We thank these veterans for sharing their memories and ask everyone to be sure and thank a veteran this month for their service.

U.S. Army Veteran Bob Eisenhower is pictured wearing an Army cap gifted to him and others in the Reinbeck area by the local American Legion Auxiliary #242 on Nov. 11. Contributed photo