New blood coming to GMG Board, Gladbrook Council

Results from the 2021 city and school elections


Several new candidates alongside mostly incumbents will be sworn in this coming January across the Tama and Grundy County landscape following the combined city/school election that took place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

The following results are final unofficial results from the Tama County Auditor’s Office but include totals from all reporting counties.

Tama County’s election canvass will take place Monday, November 8 at 10 a.m. at the Tama County Administration Building in Toledo. The school board canvass will be finalized on November 15.

GMG School Board

The Green Mountain-Garwin School District looks to see two new faces on the Board of Education in the coming weeks.


Current At-Large Director Randy Sienknecht ran as a challenger to District 2 incumbent Nathan Holven.

Sienknecht defeated Holven by a decisive margin and will begin his next term as the District 2 Board Director.

In District 1, newcomer Justin Hornberg won over incumbent School Board President Kyle Hall and will begin his first term following the final vote canvass.

Two at-large seats were also up for election this year with Stacey Duden earning the most votes at 143 and incumbent Ann Jackson holding a two-vote lead over challenger Lacey Boege.

Barring any changes during the election canvass, Duden, Jackson, Hornberg and Sienknecht will join Doug Dieleman, Jackie Stonewall and Jill Roberts on the seven-member board.


GMG School Board, At-Large (vote for 2)

Stacey Duden – 143

Ann Jackson – 124

Lacey Boege – 122

Write-In – 1

GMG School Board, District 1 (vote for 1)

Justin Hornberg – 128

Kyle Hall – 98

Write-In – 1

GMG School Board, District 2 (vote for 1)

Randy Sienknecht – 139

Nathan Holven – 74

Write-In – 3

City of Gladbrook

In Gladbrook, though there were no contested races, two new members will soon be taking office.

Current council member Trudi Scott will take over as Gladbrook Mayor after incumbent Keith Sash decided not to run for reelection.

Scott’s council seat will be vacated in January when she takes office as mayor and will be filled by appointment by the city council.

A special election could be held for the vacant seat but would require a public petition to be enacted.

On the Gladbrook council, newcomer Dustin Leifker will join incumbents Roger Luehring and Mark Fink for council terms beginning in January.

Gladbrook voters also voted on a public measure that asked if citizens would agree to dissolve the Gladbrook Water Utility Board and shift those duties under the purview of the city council.

Voters approved the measure by a vote of 111-72 and it will take effect in January when the new council and mayor are sworn in.

Gladbrook Mayor

Trudi Scott – 148

Write-In – 29

Gladbrook City Council (vote for 3)

Roger Luehring – 163

Mark Fink – 154

Dustin Leifker – 138

Write-In – 15

Gladbrook Public Measure (City Water Utility)

YES – 111

NO – 72

Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board

As the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District works through an upcoming bond referendum to renovate facilities in Reinbeck, all three board of education incumbents up for election this year will have an opportunity to see the effort through.

Douglas Rowe, Christine Farley and Rodney Brockett will begin their next four-year term following the conclusion of the school board election canvass later this month.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board At-Large Director (vote for 3)

Christine Farley – 361

Douglas Rowe – 391

Rodney Brockett – 338

Write-In – 34

Reinbeck City Council

Three seats on the Reinbeck City Council were up for election this year. Incumbent Jordan Muller did not file for reelection and with no candidates filing for election by the September deadline, Muller’s seat will be determined by write-in votes that are yet to be tallied. Check out next week’s edition of the Sun Courier for a write-in vote report.

Elsewhere on the ballot, incumbent council members Nathan Ragsdale and Kyle Rasmussen won their elections, both uncontested.

Marilyn Evans and Rebecca Schildroth were elected to serve on the Reinbeck Library Board and will be joined by one additional member to be determined by write-in votes.

Reinbeck City Council (vote for 3)

Nathan Ragsdale – 191

Kyle Rasmussen – 178

Write-In – 122

Reinbeck Library Board (vote for 2)

Marilyn Evans – 200

Write-In – 123

Reinbeck Library Board Rural (vote for 2)

Rebecca Schildroth – 198

Write-In – 2

Hawkeye Community College Board

Incumbent Director Louis Beck was reelected to the Hawkeye Community College Board of Directors in an uncontested race.

Hawkeye Community College Director, District 3

Louis Beck – 1,408

Write-In – 5

Other Area Election Results

Garwin Mayor

Leonard Untiedt – 77

Write-In – 8

Garwin City Council (vote for 2)

Tracy Zoffka – 76

Troy Brave Heart – 56

Write-In – 4

Garwin City Council (to fill a vacancy, vote for 1)

Tonia Meling – 79

Write-In – 4

Lincoln Mayor

H. Trent Wentzien – 23

Write-In – 0

Lincoln City Council (vote for 5)

Vance Sebbert – 22

John Eilers – 26

Michelle Clark – 22

Richard H. Ellis – 24

Dale H. Meyer Jr. – 22

Write-In – 0

Morrison Mayor

David Hach – 16

Morrison City Council (vote for 3)

Doug Buffington – 17

Robin Scott Folkerts – 17

Debra Bownes – 16

Write-In Votes – 0

Tama County Totals

Registered Voters – 9,829

Votes Cast – 2,185

Turnout Percentage – 22.23%

Grundy County Totals

Registered Voters – 8,993

Ballots Cast – 2,280

Turnout Percentage – 25.35%

Marshall County Totals

Registered Voters – 24,460

Ballots Cast – 3,856

Turnout Percentage – 15.76%