Meet Your Local Candidates: Stacey Duden

2021 Combined City/School Election: GMG Community School District, At-Large Director - vote for two

GMG School Board Candidate: Stacey Duden

Age: 47

Residence: Garwin, Iowa

Profession: Labor Relations Representative- Human Resources

Education: GMG High School- Working on bachelor’s degree- anticipated graduation- July of 2022

Family: Husband- Chris, Children- Abigail, Levi and Kaylea

What motivated you to run for this office?

I am proud to say that I have grown up in this district and have raised my own children at GMG. I think that the education, teacher/student interaction, and safety that we provide is outstanding. I want to make sure that this continues for my children and their families also.

What qualities and behaviors should school board members exhibit?

Integrity, doing what is right even when no one is looking. School board members should be able to listen to the public, gather and process the information and can make an educated decision.

*Did not complete the remainder of the questionnaire