Westbrook Acres welcomes famous cow

Mason Corkery (right) and Gucci the Cow visited residents at Westbrook Acres on Sept. 15. The 11-month old Holstein has become famous on the internet after a video of he and his owner (Corkery) going through a Dairy Queen drive-thru went viral on TikTok. Photo by Darvin Graham

Residents at Westbrook Acres Nursing Home in Gladbrook welcomed a special visitor last Wednesday.

Mason Corkery and his pet cow Gucci made an appearance as part of the center’s entertainment programming.

For close to an hour the 800-pound cow hung out with his owner around the front patio of the care center as residents were brought out to enjoy some wonderful late summer weather and to interact with the docile bovine who appeared patient and willing to be amongst a crowd of people.

Gucci is an 11-month old Holstein steer that Corkery got to know and acquired while working at Hook Stock Farms in Holland.

Gucci was a premature twin whose sister died when they were calves. Corkery felt like Gucci had a magnetic personality and ended up making him a pet months later.

Gucci the Cow greets staff members at Westbrook Acres Nursing Home on Sept. 15. Gucci and his owner Mason Corkery spent close to an hour visiting with residents and staff at Westbrook on the front patio of the center. Photo by Darvin Graham

Corkery lives in New Hartford but his parents run a dairy operation near Jesup where Gucci stays when he’s not traveling around with his best mate.

Gucci gained notoriety this summer when Corkery made a video of the two pulling up to a Dairy Queen drive-thru in Independence.

In the video, Corkery orders a pup-cup ice cream dish with Gucci crammed into the back of his GMC Sierra. The video went viral on the TikTok social media platform and since May has been seen by over three million people all over the world.

The video of the two was featured on the Good Morning America show and over the summer they have made appearances all over the state at county fairs, schools and nursing homes just like Westbrook.

Corkery said Gucci has behaved magnificently around people and other animals as they’ve been in parades with kids that have come up to pet him and even in bars and clubs with music and tight quarters.

Mason Corkery of New Hartford (left) never had a pet until he met Gucci (right) last year. The now 11-month old Holstein steer lost his twin sister when they were calves living at Hook Stock Farms where Corkery works. Corkery bonded with the cow and eventually acquired him as a pet. When he’s not traveling around, visiting places like Westbrook Acres, Gucci lives on Corkery’s parents dairy farm near Jesup. Photo by Darvin Graham

The night before Gucci came to Gladbrook, he and Corkery made a scheduled appearance at a bar where they took photos and visited with patrons.

Since the event ended in the evening, Corkery decided to bring Gucci home with him to New Hartford rather than trucking him up to Jesup only to turn around and go get him again the next morning for the 1 p.m. appearance at Westbrook Acres.

Corkery said since he lives in town he just threw on some coveralls and bunked with Gucci in his cattle trailer overnight so he could be sure Gucci was safe and sound.

Corkery said the sleepover went off without incident except for it being a little chilly.

Nursing home visits have been particularly special for Corkery as he’s had the opportunity to bring a piece of farm life back into people’s lives that may have grown up on a farm or made their career around agriculture and livestock.

One resident was even moved to tears of joy Wednesday as they were brought face to face with the Holstein.

The woman repeatedly exclaimed how pretty and wonderful Gucci was as she thanked Corkery through tears for bringing him to visit.

Westbrook Acres is home to roughly 48 residents who are provided a wide variety of entertainment programming throughout the year.

Typical events will include musicians coming to play music, bingo games and arts and crafts.

The next special event on the schedule for Westbrook residents is a visit by the Marshall County Conservation Department who will be working and presenting on how to tag Monarch butterflies.

As for Gucci, Corkery said he likely has growing left to do and could get up to 1,400 pounds before he’s fully grown.

Corkery plans to continue caring for Gucci as a pet and to keep making light-hearted videos of the two together.

Gucci the Cow can be found on Facebook at Gucci Herd and on TikTok at iowacholodoc.