Gladbrook Clydesdale team competes at the Iowa State Fair

The family behind the TF Clydesdales operation took a moment to pose for a photo in the Horse Barn at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 21. Pictured are Steve Fevold, Liby Bauer, Emma Bauer, Katie Bauer, Jake Bauer and Becky Fevold who is holding grandson Jace Bauer. The horse they are with is named Tessa who is two years old and was home raised at TF farm in Gladbrook. Photo by Darvin Graham

Tama County was well represented at the 2021 National Clydesdale Show that took place Aug. 19-22 at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

TF Clydesdales of Gladbrook had one of the shortest drives to the show that brought together Clydesdale horses from all over the country to compete in a wide range of classes last week.

Steve and Becky Fevold, along with their daughter and son-in-law Katie and Jake Bauer, brought seven Clydesdales to show at the fair.

The seven include Tessa, Uri, Mary, Crystal, Vaughn, Greta and Erin who range in age from 3-10.

The team competed in a number of categories from a one-horse cart up to a six-horse team hitch.

Jake Bauer of TF Clydesdales rides with Haylea Swenson in the Youth Driver Cart competition at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 21. Photo by Darvin Graham

The Iowa State Fair was one among several stops TF Clydesdales have made this summer including the Olmstead County Fair in Minnesota, the Wisconsin State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair and the Clay County Fair in Spencer.

The Gladbrook Clydesdale farm is one of only a few in operation in Iowa and boasts the distinction of being the oldest Clydesdale operation in the state.

Becky Fevold said they were glad to be back on the road this summer after being sidelined for all of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even the horses she said appeared more at ease back in the rhythm of showing and traveling.

For her and the rest of the family, they enjoy visiting the Iowa State Fair each year as it provides an opportunity to see family and friends they might not otherwise get to see.

Three generations of the Thoms and Fevold family gather around Tessa, a two year old, home-raised Clydesdale. Pictured are Becky Thoms Fevold with daughter Katie Bauer and grandson Jace Bauer. Photo by Darvin Graham

Fevold said when they’re not out at horse shows or parades, they enjoy welcoming visitors to the farm.

This year they have around 20 Clydesdales on their farm, which is on the low end compared to a typical year.

She encouraged families that might want to visit the horses to get in contact with them through their Facebook page Thoms & Fevold Clydesdales.