Garwin Little Free Library honors Dick Slingluff

Garwin Librarian Lola Slingluff, Garwin Foundation Treasurer Jill Roberts and Craftsman Dave Smid are pictured with the Little Free Library located in Garwin City Park. The Library was donated as a memorial to Dick Slingluff. The public is invited to use and enjoy the free books in the Library. Photo by Margaret Thomsen.

A Little Free Library has been placed in the Garwin City Park in memory of Dick Slingluff, who passed away on April 10. Lola Slingluff, Librarian for Garwin Public Library since 2011, is Dick’s widow.

What is the Little Free Library? It provides a place for anyone to take a free book. The books and magazines are books pulled from the library and span all ages. The public is also encouraged to donate good, used, appropriate books directly into the Little Free library.

Jill Roberts, Head of Garwin Library Foundation, was in charge of the project. The Foundation is a group of volunteers who fundraise for various projects. The Foundation was created in 2016 and Jill is the treasurer. The box was built by Dave Smid, a co-worker and good friend of Jill’s husband, Doug.

Dave is a master craftsman and donated his time for the project. He built the box out of cedar, complete with cedar shaker roof. Maintenance will be a coat of finish each year. Located north of the Garwin City Center on the southeast side, the hole for the box was dug by Matt Jackson, Garwin maintenance man. He also assisted in placing the box.

The Little Free Library began in Wisconsin in 2009 when Todd Bol wanted to honor his mother. The idea has spread to 91 Iowa Counties and all 50 states. Over 120 million books have been shared.

Lola Slingluff stated, “I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw one in Marshalltown. I wanted a place for moms who bring their kids to the park to have a place to pick up a book or magazine to read while the kids play.”