GMG graduates 27

Tradition continued as the GMG Class of 2021 gathered in jubilation to toss their hats. It was the perfect ending to GMG Commencement 2021. Photos by Dan Lastovka

GMG celebrated 2021 Commencement with 27 seniors graduating. The GMG Band played “Pomp and Circumstance” and Kaci Krier welcomed family and friends.

The Class of 2021 put together a “Senior Video” featuring photos of the class during the past 13 years. Class Speakers were Frances Jackson, Joaquin Fitzsimmons and Angel Schewe.

Presentation of Diplomas was conducted by Principal Nathan Kleinmeyer, Superintendent Ben Petty, School Board Member Ann Jackson and Guidance Counselor Sam Speas.

Class Roll included: Avery Bryant, Stephanie Claussen, Nicholas Collins, Chloe Cornwell, Mya Cowell, Joaquin Fitzsimmons, Saige Frost, Jadyn Hessenius, Julio Holguin, Frances Jackson, James Kelley, Kaci Krier, Blake Krull, Zachary Krull, Cooper Langenbau, Conner Murty, Layne Murty, Ross Murty, Shiann Nelson, Autumn Peterson, Riley Priske, Noah Ratliff, Colton Reed, Alejandro Rico, Angel Schewe, Brock Teske and Emily Vaughn.

The class of 2021 wore white ribbons in memory of classmate Isaiah Eilander. He lost his life in a tragic vehicle accident in November of 2019.

Senior class members who were speakers during the 2021 Commencement are pictured l-r Autumn Peterson, Frances Jackson, Joaquin fitzsimmons, Angel Schewe and Kaci Krier.

Angel Schewe was named Valedictorian. And sharing Salutatorian honors were Joaquin Fitzsimmons, Frances Jackson and Kaci Krier.

The GMG Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Sheryl Mullikin, performed “I Will Fly”. Autumn Peterson gave the “Closing” and the seniors left the auditorium as the GMG Band played “Fanfare and Triumph”.

Nine members of the GMG Class of 2021 were "Blood Donors of Distinction". They included l-r Saige Frost, Julia Holguin, Shiann Nelson, Layne Murty, Angel Schewe, Conner Murty, Jadyn Hessenius, Blake Krull and Autumn Peterson.

"I Will fly" was sung by the GMG Choir at the close of Commencement. The Choir was directed by Mr. Sheryl Mullikin.

White Cords were awarded to Seniors contributing more than 100 hours of Community Service. Students receiving this commendation included: Zach Krull, Autumn Peterson, Cooper Langenbau, Frances Jackson, Ayden Kelley, Angel Schewe, Jadyn Hessenius, Colton Reed and Joaquin Fitzsimmons.

Junior Class ushers for GMG Commencement were Abe Dieleman, Owen Bovenmyer, Hannah Vavroch and Jenna Yilek.